1. How does Soundwalkrs work?
Soundwalkrs is an Android/ IOS app that offers GPS oriented audio Walking tours. Each Soundwalk takes you on an adventure; we bring to life the destinations most important characters to guide you through the streets and tell you their stories.

Our Soundwalks cost $3, 99 and you can purchase them in app directly on your Play/App store or you can use a promo code.

2. Do I have to be on the destination to make a Soundwalk?

You don’t have to be on location to start using Soundwalkrs!
You can start planning your trip before you arrive. We are the leisure hunter tool of locals and tourist, so you can start exploring the city, choosing the restaurants you want to try and check the events happening in your destination at the time of your trip.

3. Can I use Soundwalkrs without internet connection?

You can use our Soundwalks without internet connection, to do so you´ll need to purchase and download the content for offline use in the select language, wait until the download process is complete and your set! You can now enjoy your Soundwalks offline and explore your destination.

4. How do I buy a Soundwalk?

You can purchase your Soundwalks two different ways: 1. In app, directly on your Play/App store; 2. You can purchase a promo code in situ or get one as a freebie.

5. How do I restore my purchases?
If you previously deleted Soundwalkrs and install the app again, you can restore your purchases by going to the menu, clicking on downloads and clicking again to restore your purchase. Remember, this is only possible if you download it the content for offline use in the original purchase.

6. Where do I find my downloaded Soundwalks?

You can find your Soundwalks in the menu, just click in the download section.

7. I’m having trouble downloading/ reproducing a Soundwalk!
If you’re having trouble downloading or reproducing any of the Soundwalks, please make sure you have the following steps right:
– You have a good internet connection at the time of purchase/ download
– You download it the content for offline use
– You waited until the download was complete
If you’re still having issues and you followed all the steps, please sends us an email and we’ll contact you ASAP!

8. I would like a refund!
If you´re feeling unsatisfied with our product, we are very sorry. Can you tell us the issue? What can we do better? Please send us an email; your feedback is important to us and you will receive a freebie for your time.
If you’re still feeling like getting your money back we will make sure you get it. If you purchased Soundwalkrs through the App Store you have to go through Apple. To request a refund, follow this help guide.
If you purchased a Soundwalk through Google play store, please contact us directly so we can make sure you get your refund promptly.